Serious Lawyers for the Seriously Injured

Real courtroom experience is a game-changer for lawyers representing victims who have been hurt by the negligence of others. True trial lawyers understand how to prepare and question witnesses. They know how to turn a complex case into a compelling story for jurors. Their clients know they are prepared and ready. The defense teams know the difference. Calderon Barton has the experience you need. Call CalderonBarton to see why real experience matters.

A Modern Law Practice

Technology improves people’s lives and makes them more efficient. Shouldn’t clients benefit from today’s innovations? Try texting your lawyer – is your file readily available? Are your ideas and documents being sent directly to your file or will they be lost in a maze? Using technology in the law practice saves time and money for clients and helps lawyers be more efficient. Contact CalderonBarton to learn how your case can be handled cost-effectively.

Contact for Free Consultation – No Pressure, No Obligation

We know the legal system can be intimidating. We’ll put you at ease and explain the process from start to finish. And if you desire, we’ll do it again until you’re completely comfortable. No rush. No pressure. Contact CalderonBarton to get the peace of mind you are looking for.

Objectivity. Honesty. Integrity.

Our diverse trial experience provides us with the skills needed to objectively evaluate your case. You can rely on us to provide an honest assessment of your case’s strengths and limitations, the cost of litigation including attorneys’ fees, the likelihood of success, a recommended plan of action including the lawyer’s role and the client’s role, and a realistic estimate of the value of your case. Call CalderonBarton to get a candid analysis of your case.



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