Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Today’s families rely on promises made by nursing home providers to care for their loved ones. With an aging population and fewer family members available to assist, families put their trust in nursing homes and the governmental oversight intended to safeguard them. At CalderonBarton, we know these are stressful and traumatic decisions for families and patients.

Unfortunately, government oversight reports indicate that close to 33% of nursing homes have been cited for health and safety violations which can explain why 40% of nursing home residents reported they had been abused in some way and a whopping 90% indicated they or someone else had been neglected. These staggering statistics begin to tell the story we see every day when we work with victims of such abuse and neglect and their distraught families.

Nursing home residents, often frail and in declining health, can become victims of neglect and/or, physical, mental, sexual abuse, and even financial exploitation due to understaffing, inadequate training, negligent hiring, and a corporate structure that prioritizes profits over patient care. How do we know? Because we have seen literally hundreds of cases that illustrate such practices.

Proving it however is NOT easy. Often the abuse is incremental without a major incident. Sometimes patients don’t realize the care is substandard or neglectful. Experienced lawyers in this field know how to uncover patterns of neglect and identify breaches in acceptable standards of care. Many patients and families fear retribution for exposing the deficiencies. Such problems may be due to systemic failures in the corporate structure including, for example, inadequate training and supervision, insufficient staffing and a lack of proper care standards and policies that could have prevented abuse, neglect or a catastrophic event.

At CalderonBarton, our experienced litigation attorneys are prepared to handle complex nursing home abuse cases with exceptionally complicated medical diagnoses and to unravel the fortress-like corporate structures that foster abuse and neglect. This requires intensive investigation and dogged determination and enough courtroom experience to confidently compete against the high-priced legal teams hired by the nursing homes and their insurance companies.

The CalderonBarton team is ready to go the distance to ensure anyone injured at a nursing home receives just compensation and peace of mind. Our attorneys are licensed in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Utah.

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