Calderon Barton Wins Judgment Against Local Assisted Living Home


For Immediate Release:¬†Calderon Barton today announced it had obtained a six-figure judgment in favor of their clients as a result of mistreatment and neglect caused be Defendant Enhanced Management Concepts, LLC. Enhanced Management Concepts was a corporate owner of Beehive Assisted living, an Assisted Living Facility in Mesa, Arizona catering to local families. Enhanced accepted Howard as a patient despite knowing that it’s assisted living staff would be unable to meet his needs, in the hopes that Howard would provide increased reimbursements for their facility. Howard was unable to feed himself due to his physical and mental disabilities, and Enhanced failed to provide assistance to Howard for several months, leaving Howard malnourished and ill. Howard lost 50 pounds under Enhanced Management’s care and suffered several falls as well, causing unnecessary suffering and great personal risk to Howard.
Enhanced management sold Beehive Assisted living and refused to defend the case. At a Default hearing, Calderon Barton produced evidence and an expert witness to prove Enhanced’s liability for Howard’s damages and also their liability for punitive damages for the willful disregard of Howard’s well-being. A judge awarded judgment in favor of Howards family at the hearing based on Plaintiff’s theory of liability.

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